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Dear colleagues and friends,


Welcome to the brand-new website of the European Community Studies Association (ECSA) Slovakia. During my professional career, I have had an opportunity to participate in many projects, undertake many leading roles within state bodies, non-governmental organizations or honorary committees. I have visited dozens international organizations‘ headquarters however, there is the softest spot for ECSA in my heart and not only because I stood at its establishment. I am privileged that the current leadership has decided to appreciate me with a position of the Honorary President. I hold this status in a great respect and a motivation to help the Association with all my strength. Thanks to ECSA, we have managed to contribute to wider eurointegration within Slovakia, we have attracted dozens of professors and professionals from all over the EU and partnered countries to Slovak universities and scientific bureaus. In cooperation with our partners we are able to intertwine theoretical education with practical internships in the EU institutions or to organize academic symposiums with an impact to the EU foreign policy direction. Being a member of the network connecting leading world academia professional on the EU affairs is a guarantee of reverence and a possibility of future development. I am looking forward to the next cooperation.


Assoc. Prof. Vlasta Kunova, PhD.

Honorary President


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